Somaliland :- Is President Silanyo Running the Country through Cronies inflated Committees?


Since Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and his Kulmiye Party assumed the president of Somaliland in mid 2010, unknown systems of government even for the fledgling Somaliland have been the order of the day

Imagine a country where a large number of presidential cronies are holders of a senior position called XILSUGE’ that is awaiting appointment in which they draw $2000 and above in salaries monthly,

Just to wait appointment for once in real office they are assured of collasal income in fraudently secured public properties.

While grappling with this novel XILSUGE phenomenon the Somaliland public is now burdened by a new system of governement called committees in which the president is naming one after another for this or that purpose almost on a daily basis.


Worldwide and for the unrecognized Somaliland The very essence of a democratically elected presidency is to manage state affairs through utilization of established mechanism that are very missing through the introduction of these national this and that committees.

For the essence of d monarchy to apply in which citizens are the employer and the president is servant the management committee established by president Silanyo has alienated the voter from the Administrstion since the head of state has delegated authority of this and that to these cronies inflated committees that owe allegiance to him and him alone.

And if you think the alienation from the XILSUGE’S and National Committees is anything you are wrong because another ugly player called appointed senior official is there and discernibly in charge of all aspects of life in Somaliland in the guise of presidential staffers.

These accumulation of powerful ex-officios and committees has therefore thrown out the purpose of ministries that are constitutionally empowered with authority of handling on behalf of the presidency various public mandates

To re-estsblish a semblance of constitutional routes of government in Somaliland the ministries need to be reviewed, their authority thence the elimination of the Xilsuges and national committees not to mention the complete lemnation of the powerful ex-officios posts inundating the presidency now.

Since the ministries are endowed with authority to act on behalf of the administration while answerable to parliament a system that ensures accountability now missing it is a imperative and urgent at that their authority be established for their accumulated performances leads the presidency to rule as required.

20 years to the age of Somaliland when the country ushered The ascension to the office of president Silanyo the country was managed through established systems of government thence citizens were the only fiddle in the one man jazz band.

Today the citizen is the second fiddle in the Silanyo cronies committee jazz band in which inflation and corruption is the order of the day.

So to call a spade a spade the country needs to return to the constitutional system of government now more the. Ever more so as related to the legacy of president Silanyo who is leaving public service come presidential elections he is not contesting this November

ENOUGH is ENOUGH President Silanyo so please resume your mandate and give the country back to its owners, the CITiZEN!.

Source:- Horn


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