New Circus Somaliland (Ncs)


Ncs Background
 New Circus Somaliland (Ncs) Is Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Making A And Non-Political That Exist For Strengthening The Skills, Knowledge And Information Sharing Among The Young People With Regard To Hiv/Aids And Reproductive Health, Stis, Gender And Sexuality, Substance Abuse, An Fgm And Skills. Somaliland Circus Training. Acting Films Was Founded In October 2011. A Group Of Young Intellectuals Felt The Need To Mobilize Young People In Somaliland To Engage With Development Issues
 Ncs’s Mandate Is To Address The Needs And Issues Facing The Most Vulnerable And Marginalized Groups In Society, Mainly Young People, Women, Children, The Poor, And Internally Displaced Persons (Idps). Ncs Does This Through Community Mobilization, Capacity Building And Policy Advocacy.
 New Circus Somaliland Exists To Enhance The Skills, Knowledge And Information Of The Young People To Address Issues Related To Youth And Adolescents’ Reproductive Health Rights, Stis, Hiv/Aids, Gender Based Violence, And Substance Abuse Through Innovative Peer To Peer Approaches.
Ncs Envisions A Somaliland, Where Young People Are Free From Hiv/Aids, Sti, Fgm And Other Forms Of Gbv, Where Youth Are Actively Engaged, Connected And Equipped Skills To Be Better Leaders Of Their Country To Shape A More Inclusive, Peaceful And Sustainable Country.
Ncs Facilitates Leadership Development Among Young People To Enhance Their Participation In Social Movements For A Better Life In Their Country. The Goals Of Somaliland New Circus Somaliland Include:
Core Values Funding Sources
• Respect Diversity Members Of Organization
• Gender Sensitive Community Contribution
• Volunteerism Un Agencies, International Ngos
• Innovation Commercial Sector Groups
• Result Focused


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